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Scope of Service
  • Individual : Emotional issues , bereavement counselling, personal growth, interpersonal relationship, stress and anxiety management
    We also provide Online Video Call Counselling service.
  • Family : Pre-marital counselling, marital counselling, family therapy
  • Child and adolescent : Play therapy, parent-child relation, parenting
  • Art Therapy : Adolescents, adults and elderly
  • Assessment : Child IQ test, mental state of adolescents, adults and elderly
  • Psychiatrist : Assessment, consultation, prescription
  • Training : Individual and group supervision, group therapy, group activities and seminars

Personal Counselling

Emotional Issues To help the client work on different emotions by using various counseling methods, so that the client can make sense of his/her feelings and emotions, as well as thinking and yearning. Through counseling, the client may find way out to his/her problem, or relief to the stress.
Grief work We encounter different kinds of loss in our life, such as death of loved ones, divorce, breaking-up, life changes related maladjustment, etc. We provide a supporting space for the client to talk through and work on his/her grief and mourning. Having a company during this transitional period, the client is able to relieve pain and begin a new life.
Personal Growth When someone finds his/her existing value and/or personality does not fit well in everyday life, he/she can talk to a counsellor who can help by reviewing the bringing-up in the family of origin and past experiences to understand possible sources of the problem. The counselor will also help the client to establish new and adaptable lifestyles.
Interpersonal Relationship It is unavoidable for us to come across hard time in relating to others, in terms of social skills and communication. A counsellor can help a client to understand different communication patterns and the underlying mental activities. Step by step, the client can learn better relating skills to improve his/her interpersonal relationship.
Career counselling Making use of different personality assessment tools, the counselor helps the client understand his/her own inclination towards job opportunities, so that the client has a better idea in his/her career path. The counselor will also provide guidance for clients who are struggling in the process of job hunting.
Stress and Anxiety Stress related anxiety is becoming prevalent in our society, and without timely intervention, it can result in various kinds of anxiety disorder, including Panic Attack, Phobia, General Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive and Compulsive Disorder, Social Phobia, Health Anxiety / hypochondriasis, Adjustment Disorder, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, etc. Counseling can help clients identify the problems and overcome the anxiety, and to build a healthy coping mechanism towards future stress.
Art Therapy Art Therapy is a unique form of psychotherapy. It aims at helping clients to express their thoughts and feelings through various visual art media e.g. drawing, painting and ceramic. With the therapist's guidance, clients are able to gain better insight into the problems/difficulties they are facing. No artistic skills or experience is needed to receive art therapy. Clientele includes children, adolescents, adults and elderly. Art therapy is especially suitable for clients who feel difficult in expressing themselves in words.

Family Counseling

Pre-marital Counselling Marriage is the union of two persons from two different families and backgrounds. That entails a lot of communications and compromises between the two individuals, and unavoidably, some potential difficulties after marriage and living together. Pre-marital counseling helps the bride and groom-to-be review their up-bringing, their personalities, their values and other related areas. The couple will learn to work together in pursuing a life long loving relationship through mutual respect and acceptance, effective communication and the art of intimacy etc..
Marital Counselling After certain years in the marriage, couples come to know, more clearly, both good and bad sides of each others'. If there is not enough respect and tolerance within the relationship, it is not unusual that disagreement and conflicts occur. When conflicts go too far, they sometimes push the couples to the decision of divorce. Marital Counseling provides a calm and safe space for the couples to ease the tension and to talk about their problems, so that they can try to restore the love and respect on each other and rebuild the relationship.
Family Counselling Each member of a family carries its role. A healthy family allows all members to feel accepted and respected. An unhealthy family does the reverse, and is easily filled with blaming and avoidance. Family Counseling creates an open and accepting forum for all family members to express themselves and make compromises to issues concerned. The family counselor will also help the family to re-establish a favorable and effective system of communication.

Children and Adolescents

Play Therapy Play therapy helps young individuals with personality or behavioral problems (including avoidance, conduct disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Truancy, Attention Deficit, Hyperactive, etc.). The counselor conducts play therapy through the use of designated toys and games, well-defined guidelines and communication methods, which aim to help the young clients express emotions, build up self-confidence, learn self-discipline and gain autonomy.
Filial Therapy Parents may feel puzzled and frustrated when their child(ren) have too much of their ideas, or not following instructions, or behaving in an opposite way to what the parents expect. One of the major reasons is that parents may not understand enough the feeling and thinking of the child(ren). Filial Therapy can help parents to learn new perspectives in understanding their children, and how to talk to young people, as well as dealing with recurrent emotional and/or behavioral problems.


Assessment Include Child IQ test, mental state of adolescents, adults and elderly


Service Include Assessment, consultation, prescription


Training Include Individual and group supervision, group therapy, activities and seminars